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Example of team debriefing styles

In this article, you will discover all the steps of the team debriefing

There can be several formats for team debriefing:

SINGLE FORMAT: A 3 hour workshop (1 hour and a half on performance and 1 hour and a half on operation);

TWO-STAGE FORMAT: 1 hour and a half on performance and another hour and a half on session of 1h30 on performance.

Here are the steps to follow:

Opening round: Invite team members to share what they bring with them to the workshop (emotional burdens and expectations). What are you coming with today?

Review of the current performance: For each parameter, go around the table to identify areas of tension on that topic. What does this remind you of? What explains this score? This gap? What do you suggest?

When a tension is identified, link it to one or more of the team's work processes by completing the document and working on it later.

Presentation of the process: Present the non-aligned processes one by one;

Selection of the three priority work processes: Selection by vote of the maximum three priority work processes to work on;

Establish an action plan for the three work processes: Work with the group to establish an action plan for the three work processes. You can use the Excel CAP (Action Plan) to track the actions. Request it via;

Closing round: Give team members the opportunity to share their feelings about the session.

Updated on: 06/12/2021

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