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Functional team

In this article, you will discover the key elements of a functional team analysis.

A functional team is one whose average performance is below 7 to 8.5 out of 10.

Location on the positioning matrix:

Description of a functional team:

The team is doing well socially;

Low conflict, but tensions are present;

Moderate freedom of speech;

Some processes generate frustration;

Performance is very uncertain;

Low level of turnover and absenteeism;

Objectives achieved;

Team members complain without taking initiative.

Objectives of a debriefing with a functional team:


Essential elements to prioritize when analysing a functional team:


Even if the team is doing well, functional teams still need to consolidate their fundamentals in order to gain psychological safety and foster the need to work together (team mission).


In the functional level, one of the keys is to carefully clear the sources of frustration in the team. It will be necessary to understand how to reduce and eliminate them. This will enable the team to free itself from the "ball and chain" that it carries around its feet and that limits its ability to move forward more effectively in its missions.


Alignment and clarity on objectives is very important for a functional team, it is an opportunity to set out the ambitions of each team member, to ensure that objectives and indicators are understood by all, to better move forward together.

We advise you to work on the objectives collectively in order to improve at once the clarity, the common understanding, the adhesion and the stability of objectives and roles.


Identify the most important sources of frustration and eliminate them as a priority;

Go round the table to let everyone express their understanding of the objectives and allow everyone's ambitions to emerge as to how they want to operate;

Continue to strengthen the "foundations" including the psychological safety of the team and the need to work together (team mission) in order to become more effective.

Updated on: 20/08/2021

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