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Conduct a manager debriefing

In this article, you will discover all the steps of the manager debriefing.


Questions for the manager:

How long have you been managing this team?

How many members are there in the team?

What is the team's mission?

Who are your main contacts?

How do you approach this debriefing?


Objectives of the debriefing:

Prepare for team debriefing;

Understand the results of performance and functioning;

Visualise the gap between your own perception as a manager and the team.


Consent and perception:

Ask the manager for consent to show his or her perception;

Talk about perception bias;

Reminder that the analysis is not about interpersonal judgements;

Reminder of the analysis of the team and not of the "managerial performance".

Perception and standard deviation :

Significant difference in perception if > 1 point between manager and team = discordance = the manager risks of being surprised;

Standard deviation above 2 very heterogeneous opinions, below 2 there is consensus.

The scale :

Non-linear scale from 0 to 10 with average of 7

3 levels

0 - 7 : Dysfunctional area;

7 - 8.5 : Functional zone;

8.5 - 10 : Optimal zone.


Give the number of participants who responded to the analysis;

Display the team positioning matrix;

Show how to download the Powerpoint and Excel for the team debriefing;

Explain the components of performance :

Prerequisites for teamwork;


Team satisfaction;



Explain the three functioning model;

See current vs. desired functioning modes;

Detail each desired change;

Show possible practices;

Discuss voting to choose three functioning modes to work on with the team.


Answer the manager's questions;

Ask the manager how he/she feels about the team debriefing;

Remind the manager to speak last during the team debriefing;

Remind him/her of the possibility of being accompanied by a facilitator;

Offer to share good practices;

Ask for feedback;

Perception of the manager at the end of the exchange;

Thank the manager for his/her time.

Updated on: 06/12/2021

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